Camper Site Waiting List

The Camper Site waiting list is maintained by the East Point Mayor and is available to Active Members only.  There is no charge to be placed on the list.  Active members must send a written request through the U.S. mail so that a postmark date can be verified.  When a member is offered a camper site, they have seven days to accept the offer.  After that, the site will be offered to the next member on the waiting list.
East Point Mayor
Scot Leggio                     PH:   C 706-830-1540
Camper Site Waiting List as of 6/4/15

2004 Maria Moultrie

8/1/2005 Jim Mashburn

8/25/2005 Mary Powell  [ Deceased ]

3/22/2006 Jeffery Pope   Has Camper now ]

5/24/2006 Rod Sherman

7/7/2006 Archie Coleman   [Sustaining ]

7/24/2006 Chris Solum

8/4/2006 Wyatt Friend

1/6/2007 Robert Alman

1/6/2009 George Miller   [Resigned ]

5/1/2010 Randy Brigham

7/18/2010 Jim Flynn

11/13/2012 Bill Collins

6/1/15 Eric Monaco #697
9/15/15 Frank Sims #399
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