Camper Site Waiting List

The Camper Site waiting list is maintained by the bookkeeper under the direction of thethe East Point Mayor and is available to Active Members only.  There a $200 fee to be placed on the list.  Active members must send a written request through the U.S. mail so that a postmark date can be verified.  When a member is offered a camper site, they have seven days to accept the offer.  After that, the site will be offered to the next member on the waiting list.
East Point Mayor
Scot Leggio                     PH:   C 706-830-1540
Camper Waiting list
Camper waiting List On List  Join Date
536 Moultrie, Mayra   2004 Orig list
 365 Flynn, Jim 7/18/2010 Orig list
697 Monaco, Eric 6/1/2015 Orig list
232  Dermodt,Richard 7-2-18 A 7/6/90
545 Slater, Brian 7-2-18 B 4/1/04
579 Suggs, Dale 7-2-18 C 12/12/05
684 Joiner, Bobby 7-2-18 D 9/12/11
707 Hopkins, Jay 7-2-18 E 9/9/13
716 Fodera, Daniel 7-2-18 F 1/13/14
694 Poss, David 7/9/2018
Mar 14, 2011, 1:57 PM